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Purple may refer to any of the following:

Purple color with the HTML color code, RGB, and HSL values and that it's not a web safe color.

1. A color between red and blue. For example, this text is purple. As an HTML (hypertext markup language) color code, purple is represented as #800080, which is hexadecimal for 128 red, 0 green, and 128 blue. The image shows an example of the purple color code with the RGB (red, green, and blue), HSL (hue, saturation, and lightness), and that it is not web safe color. This image also shows a related complementary color.


If a visited link color is not defined, a browser defaults the color to purple.

2. With color-coded ports, purple is the color used to identify the PS/2 keyboard port. See our color-coded page for further information and other color-coded colors.

3. Purple was the codename for the first Apple iPhone.

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