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Qi (pronounced "chee") may refer to any of the following:

Qi Logo

1. Qi is an interface standard for devices with the ability to charge their batteries wirelessly. Power can be transferred from a special "Qi pad" to a Qi compatible device using electromagnetic induction over a distance of up to 1.6-inches.

2. Qi is the name of a functional programming language released in April 2005 that is similar to Lisp. The Qi language is metaprogrammable that allows the user to re-program components of the language itself. Here is "Hello, World" in Qi:

(output "Hello, World~%")
Qi hardware

3. Qi may also refer to the Qi project, which aims to produce copyleft computing hardware. The Qi project's approach to hardware is comparable to the Free Software Foundation's GNU Greater Public License.

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