Updated: 09/22/2017 by Computer Hope

A ring may refer to any of the following:

1. In general, a ring may refer to any circular band that surrounds something or holds other objects. For example, a key ring that holds one or more keys.

Ring topology

2. When referring to a network, a ring may be a short description of a Token Ring network, ring network, or ring topology.

3. With a phone, a ring may refer to the ringtone or noise the computer produces when someone is calling the phone.

4. When referring to a company, Ring is a company that makes and sells video doorbells and other security solutions for your home or office.

5. In the category of wearable technology, there have been many companies that have developed or are working on smart rings. These digital devices can be worn on your finger to help control and interact with your computer and smartphone. Microsoft has patents for a smart ring that could be used in place of your computer mouse and also be used in VR environments. The Smarty Ring is a smart ring first purposed in 2013 to control and get alerts from your phone. There are also many NFC rings that can be used to control other objects such as unlocking a door with an NFC reader.

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