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Examples of a pie chart, column chart, and box and whisper chart.

Sometimes abbreviated as a spec, a specification is descriptive information about hardware or software products. For example, the technical specifications of a printer may list the printer's size dimensions, ink, acceptable paper, etc.


Specifications are not the same as system requirements, which describe the type of hardware required for a program to work on a computer. See our system requirements page for further information about this term.

How do I understand the specs?

Often the words and terms used in the specifications can be difficult for most users not familiar with computers to understand. The easiest method of determining the meanings behind these terms is to perform a search on the word that confuses you.

For example, you could use the search on the top and bottom of all our pages to search for "GHz." You would be directed to our GHz page and learn about this abbreviation being related to a computer processor's speed.

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