Updated: 04/02/2019 by Computer Hope

Announced in March 2019, Stadia is a cloud-based gaming service in development by Google. The service will stream games from a server to any device capable of running an Internet browser. A controller is also being developed, which will connect directly to the Stadia server, rather than to the user device. Google plans to integrate Stadia into other services, such as Google Assistant and YouTube, to offer additional features. They are also collaborating with game developers, including Ubisoft and Bethesda, to make sure their games are optimized for the platform.

Google has stated that Stadia will be released during an unspecified date during November 2019.

Stadia features

Features of the Stadia platform and games include:

  • 4K HD (high-definition) resolution.
  • 60 FPS (frames per second).
  • No downloads or updates required.
  • Available on desktop and laptop computers, select smartphones and tablets.

4K HD resolution and 60 FPS availability dependent on a user's Internet bandwidth and quality.

Stadia games

As of July 2019, several games have been named for release with Stadia, including: