Updated: 10/18/2022 by Computer Hope
Fax Machine

A standalone or stand-alone device is any mechanism or system that performs its function without needing another device, computer, or connection. An example of a stand-alone device is a copy or fax machine, as shown in the picture. With a computer, a "stand-alone computer" would be a computer that's not connected to a network.

Stand alone, stand-alone, or standalone

When describing a stand-alone device, you may be confused with using "stand alone," "stand-alone," or "standalone" in your writing. Below are some general rules to help you decide what version to use with your writing.

  • Stand alone - When used as two separate words, "stand alone" describes someone unequaled or who stands out from others.
  • Standalone - When used as one word, "standalone" describes a device or other object that functions by itself.
  • Stand-alone - When hyphenated, "stand-alone" is used as an adjective describing a device or other object that functions by itself.

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