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This page is about an All-in-One printer. See our All-in-One computer page for information on All-in-One computers.

Samsung Multifunction Printer

Alternatively called a MFP (multifunction printer or multifunction peripheral), AIO is short for All-in-One. AIO describes a hardware device such as an All-in-One printer that is a printer, fax, and scanner all in one device. The picture shows a Samsung All-in-One printer that is a fax, laser printer, sheetfed scanner, and flatbed scanner.

Advantages of All-in-One devices

  • Take up less desk space and room (smaller footprint) by combining multiple devices (e.g., fax, printer, scanner) into one device.
  • Fewer cords. Since the printer and the scanner are one device, the AIO only requires one power cord and usually one data cable. For example, a USB (universal serial bus) cable.

How should I write the word "All-in-One?"

When describing a printer, computer, or other device containing multiple functions All-in-One should be written with hyphens and a capital "A" and capital "O."

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