The mother of all demos

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

The mother of all demos is a demonstration by Douglas Engelbart, with the assistance of Stewart Brand and others, on December 9, 1968. It took place at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco. The 90-minute live demonstration is considered the all-time greatest because of its influence on what we now think of as a computer.

In the demonstration, Engelbart used a workstation on NLS, with features many had never before seen. These features included windows, hypertext, graphics, command input, videoconferencing, word processing, and dynamic file linking. The demonstration also included a collaborative real-time editor, not unlike Google Docs. These features were operated with an interface device that was still largely unknown, called a mouse. Many of these features were later included in Apple computers and Microsoft Windows. Below is the video of the demo in its entirety.

Demo, Mouse