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To-do may refer to any of the following:

To-do list

1. In general, a to-do is an item on a to-do list that needs to be completed. A to-do list is a list of tasks that need to be completed. For example, while working, other employees may ask you to do something, and to remember those tasks, you may write them on a sticky note so you don't forget. After you've completed the task, it could be crossed out, or checked if next to a checkbox. Once completed, you can move to the next task and repeat the process to be productive.

To-do list solutions

Today, with computers and smartphones, there's an almost endless supply of to-do list programs to manage your to-do's electronically. Below is a list of a few to-do list programs and online solutions listed in alphabetical order. You can also visit your smartphone app store and find other options.

To-do list suggestions

Everyone has different needs and capabilities, which is why we don't like to suggest what to-do list you should be using. However, we can make suggestions on features you may find useful when choosing a to-do list.

  • Stored in the cloud - Storing your to-do list in the cloud or a place backed up frequently prevents your to-do list from getting lost.
  • Multi-platform - Having a to-do list that can be accessed from your smartphone and computer is very helpful.
  • Break up lists - Having the ability to break up lists into different categories helps maintain long to-do lists. For example, you could break to-dos into categories like home, school, and at work, and when at work, you know what to review.
  • Timed task - For some, having the ability to set a time when a task should be performed or completed is required. Usually, solutions with this ability can also allow you to repeat a task at a certain time, for example, if you need to complete a task every Monday morning.
  • Multi-user - If you're working with a team, having a list of to-do's that can be shared with other team members can get things done faster.

Some people are always hunting for a better to-do list because they think their current to-do list isn't helping. However, almost everyone only needs a list that can add, store, and delete to-dos. The hardest part of a to-do list is doing the task, which no solution does for you. Once you found a to-do list solution, stick with it and don't procrastinate in trying to find a different solution. Many people even find creating a list of things to do in a text editor is enough for them.

2. When pluralized, to dos or todos is a term used with the unix2dos command to describe converting a Unix formatted file to an MS-DOS formatted file.

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