Sticky Notes

Updated: 09/03/2019 by Computer Hope
Windows Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are an electronic version of a 3M Post-it™, which is a small, colored piece of paper (often yellow) that can be stuck to almost anything. In Microsoft Windows, Sticky Notes was first introduced in Windows 7 and enables users to have electronic reminders posted on their screen. The image shows the available colors in Sticky Notes.

How to open Sticky Notes

  1. In Windows, click Start or click in the search box.
  2. Type sticky notes and press Enter.

How do I change the Sticky Note color?

In Windows 10, click the sticky note once, in the top bar that appears click the three dots at the top of the sticky note and choose your desired color.


If you're using the Dark color mode in Sticky Notes only the top of the Sticky Note will change. The color mode can be adjusted through the Sticky Notes Settings.

In Microsoft Windows 7, right-click the note and select the color you want to use.

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