Updated: 04/12/2021 by Computer Hope

A volume may refer to any of the following:

Speaker volume controls

1. When referring to sound, volume refers to the amplitude of the sound being projected from a speaker. As seen in this picture, two knobs change the volume level: one controls the subwoofer, and one controls the main (overall) sound volume.

2. When referring to data storage, a volume refers to a logical drive (e.g., hard drive), which has a single file system and is usually on a single partition. For instance, on a typical Microsoft Windows computer, the volume named C: contains the operating system. In Windows, any drive which has an assigned drive letter is a volume.

C: volume on a Windows 10 computer, viewed in the File Explorer

3. In the Windows, MS-DOS, and OS/2 operating systems, the vol command displays the volume label and the serial number of a volume. For details, please see our vol command page.

Output of the vol command executed in the Windows 10 command prompt

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