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Zip may refer to any of the following:


1. When referring to computer software compression, zip or .zip is a file extension associated with such compression utility as WinZip or PKZIP. Zip files are a collection of files and folders compressed into a single, smaller file.

Example of .zip download

You can download our file as an example test zip file to extract and run on your computer.

2. Zip is also a command line command used in Linux and Unix. See the zip command page for further information.

3. When referring to a hardware drive, diskette, or backup device, Zip commonly refers to the Iomega Zip drive.

4. Short for Zone Information Protocol, ZIP is a network protocol used to manage zones in an AppleTalk network.

5. Short for Zoning Improvement Plan, zip codes, also known as postal codes, are designated areas in the United States.

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