Borje Langefors

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Borje LangeforsName: Borje Langefors

Born: May 21, 1915, in Ystad, Sweden

Death: December 13, 2009 (Age: 94)

Computer-related contributions

  • Swedish engineer and computer scientist who made systems development a science.
  • One of the key players in founding the IFIP TC8 Technical Committee of Information Systems in 1976.

Significant publications

  • Theoretical analysis of information systems. Studentlitteratur, Lund. (1966).
  • Information systems architecture. With Bo Sundgren. Petrocelli/Charter. (1975).
  • Information and Data in Systems. With Kjell Samuelson. (1977).
  • Trends in information systems: an anthology of papers from conferences of the IFIP Technical Committee 8 "Information Systems" to commemorate their tenth anniversary. (1986).
  • Essays on Infology (1996).

Honors and awards

  • LEO Award of the Association for Information Systems for his lifetime achievement (1999).