Brad Templeton

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Brad Templeton

Name: Brad Templeton

Born: April 20, 1960 near Toronto, Canada

Computer-related contributions

  • Software architect and known as one of the early leaders of Usenet.
  • Founded ClariNet Communications Corporation, which used Usenet protocols to distribute news articles (1989).
  • Founded Looking Glass Software.
  • Former Chairman of the Board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation for ten years until February 2010.
  • Created the Usenet newsgroup rec.humor.funny.
  • Recognized for Power (a C compiler) and the assembler PAL to Commodore users.

Significant publications

  • The Internet Joke Book (1995).
  • TeleJoke Book - Vol. III: The Best of 1990 (1990).
  • Rec.Humor.Funny - Computer Network Humor Annual (1988).


"When cryptography is outlawed, bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl!"