Karl Braun

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Karl BraunName: Karl Ferdinand Braun

Born: June 6, 1850, in Fulda, Electorate of Hessen, Germany

Death: April 20, 1918 (Age: 67)

Computer-related contributions

  • German inventor, physicist, and Nobel laureate in physics.
  • Contributed significantly to the development of the radio and television technology: he shared with Guglielmo Marconi the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics.
  • In 1874 he discovered that a point-contact semiconductor rectifies alternating Current.
  • In 1897 he built the first Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT) and cathode ray tube oscilloscope. The CRT is still called the "Braun tube" in German-speaking countries (Braunsche Röhre) and in Japan.
  • Around 1898, he invented a crystal diode rectifier or cat's whisker diode.

Honors and awards

  • Nobel Prize in Physics (1909).