Patrick Gelsinger

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Patrick GelsingerName: Patrick P. Gelsinger

Born: Unknown

Computer related contributions

  • Chief Executive Officer at VMware, an American software company that provides virtualization software and cloud services.
  • Former President and Chief Operating Officer at EMC Corporation, a company who offers data storage, information security, virtualization, and analytics.
  • Earlier in his career he was first Chief Technology Officer of Intel Corporation.


  • The Juggling Act: Bringing Balance to Your Faith, Family, and Work (2008)
  • Balancing Your Family Faith & Work (2003)
  • Programming the 80386 (1991)

Honors and awards

  • Honorary Doctorate of Letters from William Jessup University (2008)


"Perhaps the current downsizing of the U.S. IT industry is not a temporary thing. Maybe we are headed for becoming a second-class citizen in the world of IT."