Robert Tarjan

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Robert Tarjan

Name: Robert Endre Tarjan

Born: April 30, 1948, in Pomona, California, USA

Computer-related contributions

  • American computer scientist.
  • Discovered several graph algorithms, including Tarjan's off-line least common ancestors algorithm.
  • Co-inventor of both splay trees and Fibonacci heaps.

Significant publications

  • Data structures and network algorithms (1983).
  • Notes on Introductory Combinatorics (1983).

Honors and awards

  • Caltech Distinguished Alumni Award, California Institute of Technology (2010).
  • Blaise Pascal Medal in Mathematics and Computer Science (2004).
  • Paris Kanellakis Award in Theory and Practice, ACM (1999).
  • Elected an ACM Fellow (1994).
  • Turing Award (1986).
  • National Academy of Sciences Award for Initiatives in Research (1984).
  • Nevanlinna Prize in Information Science (1983).