Create a Windows e-mail shortcut

Updated: 06/16/2017 by Computer Hope

If you have a friend, family member, or co-work that you often e-mail creating an e-mail shortcut link on your Desktop or Taskbar can be a quick and easy way to e-mail them. To create an e-mail shortcut follow the steps below.

1. Right-click the Desktop or area you want to create the e-mail shortcut and select New and then Shortcut.

2. For the location or path to the shortcut, enter mailto:[email protected] where [email protected] is the e-mail address you want to use in the shortcut.

Email Windows shortcut

3. Click Next and then type the name of the Shortcut and click Finish.

Now when this shortcut is clicked a new e-mail window will appear with that e-mail address already typed into the To: field.


If you're running Microsoft Windows 7, you can also pin this shortcut to your Taskbar. If you already have your e-mail client pinned on the Taskbar right-clicking that icon shows your new pinned shortcut.

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