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Right-click menuSometimes abbreviated as RMB (right mouse button), the right-click is the action of pressing down on the right mouse button. The right-click provides additional functionality to a computer's mouse, usually in the form of a drop-down menu containing additional options.

For example, you could highlight text using the left mouse button, and then right-click that text to copy the text to the clipboard. Once copied you can paste that text into another field or document. The image shows an example of the right-click menu in Microsoft Word.

Note: If you have switched your mouse buttons the right-click would become a left-click.

What finger is used to right-click?

Your index finger should be on the left mouse button and your middle finger should be on the right-mouse button. To right-click you would press your middle finger down on the right-mouse button.

How to right-click on a laptop

On a laptop, if there are two buttons below the touchpad, pressing the right button will execute the right-click action. If there are no buttons below the touchpad, try pressing on the bottom right of the touchpad to see if that executes the right-click action.

Tip: On a Chromebook you can press two fingers on the touchpad for a right-click.

How to right-click without the mouse

Users running Microsoft Windows can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift+F10 to right-click in most programs or press the Menu key on Windows keyboards.

Users with an Apple Macintosh computer that only have one mouse button can right-click any item by holding down the Control key and then clicking the mouse button.

How to right-click on a smartphone

Because a smartphone uses your finger as its input device there is no ability to right-click. However, most phones can perform many of the same actions by pressing and holding your finger on an object. For example, if you wanted to copy an image from a website instead of right-clicking an image you can press and hold your finger on the image until a menu appears and then select copy.

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