How do I print a picture or attachment sent in an e-mail?

EmailPrinting a picture sent in e-mail
How do I print a picture or attachment sent in an e-mail?

Printing a picture sent in e-mail

  1. Open the picture you want to print in an image viewer.
  2. Once the image has been opened you should be able to print the image from the image editor you are using to view it by clicking File and Print. If the program you are using to view images does not have this feature, try an alternative image editor.

In some situations, you may receive an e-mail with multiple pictures. If these pictures are small, you can also print the images all at once by following the steps below.

  1. Open a word processor such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, or other program that supports the ability to add a picture.
  2. Open the image and copy the image into the clipboard. Often right-clicking the image and choosing copy is the easiest method of doing this.
  3. Switch back to the word processor and paste the image into the document. This can be done by right-clicking and choosing paste or clicking Edit and then Paste usually.
  4. Repeat the above steps for each of the images you want to print. Also, you can resize the images in the Word Processor but keep in mind that this can distort the image. See our steps in resizing an image for other ways to resize an image.
  5. Once all pictures have been added and adjusted print the document.

Printing a PDF, Word, Excel or other attachment

If you have another type of attachment you want to print, it must be opened in the program that supports that file type. For example, a PDF file may open in Adobe Acrobat, a Word or .DOC file would open in Microsoft Word, and a .xls or Excel file would open in Excel. Once the file has been open in a program, print the file from within that program.

If you're unable to open the attachment, it's likely that the program required to open the file is not installed on the computer or has not been associated. For example, if you do not have Microsoft Word or a compatible program installed on the computer and a .DOC file is sent to you in e-mail you'll be unable to open that file. In order to support this type of file, you must purchase and install Microsoft Word or install one of the free Word alternatives.

Other file types can be identified by looking at the file extensions, visit the link below to see a listing of all file extensions and programs that support those files.

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