How can I get rid of an e-mail address?

EmailThe answer to this question all depends on the company you use to send and receive your e-mail. Below is a short list of different recommendations

Cancel or Unsubscribe

Many e-mail services, especially online e-mail services have an option to cancel or unsubscribe from their service. Try locating this option within the company's web page to cancel your account.

Don't use the e-mail account

If you do not use your e-mail for several weeks or months the e-mail account will automatically expire on almost every online e-mail service. Microsoft Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. are all examples of services that will cancel your e-mail account if inactive.

Contact the company

If none of the above recommendations help try contacting your company directly and ask the company to cancel your account.

Stop paying

If you are paying for your e-mail account stop all payments to the company providing your e-mail.

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