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autofillAutofill is an option found in software programs, such as Internet browsers, that allows the user to quickly fill out a common forum, such as their address or e-mail and credit card information. For example, below is a traditional shipping form you may see when ordering a product or service online. With Autofill, you can select a field in the form, choose what you Autofill data you want to enter, and all fields will be filled out automatically.

Note: Autofill should not be confused with Autocomplete, which is also an Internet browser feature that completes a form field as you are typing. For example, Autocomplete may display your full name as you begin entering it into a form field.

Example Autofill form

To make these fields populate automatically, start typing your address in the first box.

Note: Autofill must be enabled and setup for this process to work properly.

City: State: Zip:
Phone number: E-mail:

Also see: AutoCorrect, Autocomplete