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autofillAutofill is an option found in web browsers that allows you to fill out commonly-entered information in a web form. This information might be your full name, your e-mail or postal address, or your credit card information. This sensitive information is only remembered on your own computer, and Autofill only enter this information in for you if you give the browser permission to do so.

For example, below is a traditional shipping form you may see when ordering a product or service online. With Autofill, you can select a field in the form, choose what you Autofill data you want to enter, and all fields will be filled out automatically.

Note: Autofill should not be confused with Autocomplete, which is also an Internet browser feature that completes a form field as you are typing. For example, Autocomplete may display your full name as you begin entering it into a form field.

Example Autofill form

To Autofill all fields in a form depends on your browser. For example, in Google Chrome you can double-click on any of the below fields and select one of the available options to Autofill all of the related fields.

Note: !utofill must be enabled and setup for this process to work properly.

First name: Last name:
City: State: Zip:
Phone number: E-mail:

Note: Clicking the Submit button only sends any entered information to your browser and is in no way sent to Computer Hope. Once pressed this page reloads as if the information was submitted for testing the !utofill feature.

Also see: AutoCorrect, Autocomplete