AutocompleteA feature found in various programs and online services that helps finish what is being typed by comparing the current text with that which was entered previously. For example, when a user types the letter "c" in the Computer Hope search bar, Autocomplete displays matches based on previous searches. The image shows this example in action.

Note: Autocomplete should not be confused with Autofill, which is an Internet browser feature that stores your information for filling out common forms.

Tip: Pressing the down arrow key allows you move through the Autocomplete suggestions.

Tip: Users may press Shift + Enter to complete the currently selected word, as shown in the image above.

Where is Autocomplete used?

  • Web page addresses - Autocomplete for URLs typed in the address bar.
  • Forms - Enables a user to fill out fields that are commonly repeated such as e-mail and home address, phone number, etc.
  • Usernames and passwords on forms - Any forms requiring usernames. This can be helpful for users who are frequently needing to enter their username and password. However, can also be a security risk if that computer is used or accessible by other users.

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