Computer drivers from a third-party

Updated: 12/20/2017 by Computer Hope

Unfortunately, the company you need drivers for has gone out of business, their web page is no longer available, or no longer provides drivers for this product. Therefore, we cannot provide you with a direct link to the manufacturer's page or their driver page.

However, there are third-party companies and individuals who have made many of the hardware manufacturers' drivers and information available through their web pages. We recommend that you visit our driver sites section for a complete list of these companies as well as a brief description of their services.


When downloading drivers from a third-party company, it is important that you ensure you are downloading the proper drivers. Below we have listed our recommended steps of what you should verify.

  1. First and most importantly, verify the manufacturer, make, and model number of the hardware device. Because you are not downloading the drivers directly from the manufacturer, the driver site may not list the proper device for your computer. Below is a listing of methods of how to determine a hardware device connected to your computer.
  1. Second, verify that you download the drivers that were designed or compatible for your operating system and not another operating system. For example, Microsoft Windows 98 drivers are not going to work with Windows 10.
  2. If instructions for the drivers are found on the driver web page or the drivers include instructions, be sure to follow those instructions. Otherwise, follow our steps for installing computer drivers.
  3. Make sure that your computer virus protection program is up-to-date in case the third-party drivers contain a virus.

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