How to find the type of computer motherboard

Updated: 07/13/2023 by Computer Hope

If you need to identify your motherboard (the model number), you can do one of the three things below.

If you're trying to identify the motherboard for any of the reasons below, view these links for additional related information.

Identifying through Windows or another utility

You can view the manufacturer and model number in your Windows system using the System Information utility. To access this utility, follow the steps below.

Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8

  1. On the Windows desktop screen, press Windows key+X to open the Power User Task Menu.
  2. Select the Run option in the menu.
  3. In the Run text field, type msinfo32 and press Enter.

Windows 7 and earlier versions

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click All Programs > Accessories > System Tools, then select the System Information utility.

This utility provides a good bit of information about your computer. On the System Summary screen, the motherboard manufacturer (System Manufacturer) and motherboard model (System Model) is listed. For example, for a computer with an MSI motherboard, the manufacturer would be MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL and the System Model could be MS-7599, for example. The Model is the model number of the motherboard.


The motherboard may also be listed as the BaseBoard.


If you have an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) computer (e.g., Dell or Hewlett Packard), look for the model number of your computer and not the motherboard. For these computers, we suggest referring to the technical documentation for the model of the computer. These documents can be downloaded directly from the computer manufacturer.


The documentation or technical notes for your computer or motherboard include the motherboard information. PDF (Portable Document Format) versions of these documents can be downloaded from the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer website.

Visually identifying

Every computer motherboard has a silk screened name of the model and the manufacturer printed on the motherboard. For example, in the picture below, this motherboard has the model number (PSAD2-E) printed above the memory slots. Click the image below to get a larger view of this picture.

Computer motherboard


If you cannot locate the model number of a motherboard, but can locate an FCC identification number, we recommend you perform a search using that instead. Additional information about FCC numbers and how to search for information about them is on our FCC (Federal Communications Commission) definition page.

Motherboard form factor

If you are looking for additional information about the type or form factor of the motherboard, see the form factor definition. That page contains sections about each of the motherboard form factors and information on how to distinguish each of them.

Chipset or driver update

If you are trying to determine chipset or motherboard information to update the drivers or the BIOS (basic input/output system), see the motherboard drivers section for further information.

Product listing or specifications

If you are trying to list all the specific information about your computer motherboard, specifying the manufacturer, form factor, and specifications of the motherboard is sufficient. Below is an example of how a motherboard could be listed in your system specifications. If you're listing this information to sell the computer, realize that most people are not too concerned about the specific motherboard in the computer.

Intel D815EGEW ATX using a 1.1 GHz processor and 512 MB of memory

Replacement or repair

If you are trying to determine the motherboard because it needs to be repaired, we recommend the motherboard be replaced instead of repaired. Because today's motherboards are very complex, it can be difficult and costly to repair a motherboard. It's usually easier and cheaper to replace the motherboard instead of repairing it.