Why can't I play a DVD in Windows NT?

Updated: 12/30/2019 by Computer Hope

Below are the most common reasons why you may be unable to play a DVD (digital versatile disc) movie in Microsoft Windows NT.

  • Contact your computer manufacturer or DVD manufacturer to verify if any software is available for Windows NT to allow the DVD to work.
  • Make sure Windows NT is running the latest Service Pack.
  • Consider other companies who develop DVD software compatible with Windows NT as shown in the below list.
  • Consider utilizing a different operating system such as Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.
Manufacturer Description
Creative Labs Manufacturer of drives capable of running Windows NT.
InterVideo Developer of the popular WinDVD program with versions capable of playing DVD in almost every operating system.
Margi Manufacturer of PC Cards (PCMCIA) solutions for DVD capable of running Windows NT.
Sigma Designs Manufacturer of DVD solutions including hardware decoder card compatible with Windows NT.