Black and white picture with laptop connected to TV

Updated: 12/20/2017 by Computer Hope

Color and black and whiteThis issue can be caused by any of the below possibilities, we recommend you follow each of the steps below to resolve this issue.

  1. Driver issue - This issue can be caused by a driver related issue; verify your laptop has the latest drivers from your computer manufacturer. Note: if you are using a laptop computer we recommend you get the latest drivers from your computer manufacturer and not the video card manufacturer unless directed otherwise.
  2. Connector issues - If you are using an adapter such as a SCART to connect your computer to the TV, make sure it is capable of supporting your video mode. SCART connectors only supports composite video and therefore if you are using S-Video you are only going to get a black and white picture. If you are using S-Video connector, try a S-Video to SCART pro (pro-SCART-6).
  3. TV modes - Verify your laptop is using the same TV mode as your TV (e.g., PAL or NTSC).
  4. Hardware - Insure you are connecting the laptop directly to the TV and not through any other devices.
  5. Other - If the previously mentioned issues do not relate to your situation, we recommend that you contact your laptop computer manufacturer or video card manufacturer for further assistance.

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