Is it ok for a laptop to hibernate or go to Standby mode?

Updated: 11/06/2021 by Computer Hope
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Placing your laptop or computer into hibernation mode or Standby mode instead of turning it off will in no way harm it.

Why hibernate instead of turning off computer?

When a computer is placed into hibernation mode, all the open programs are left in temporary storage. When the computer is turned back on, you'll resume where you left off much faster and won't have to wait for the computer to start up.

Is it harmful to let a computer hibernate for multiple days?

Allowing a computer to hibernate for one day or multiple days will not hurt the computer. It will not result in extra wear on the computer hardware or corruption to computer software. It is common for computers in a business office to be left on and in hibernation mode for multiple days, especially over a weekend.

But it saves power to turn off the computer

According to Microsoft and Energy Star, placing a Windows Me or later computer into hibernation mode saves almost as much power as turning it off. However, to save as much power as possible, Energy Star still recommends turning the computer off.

I'll save disk space by not using hibernate

When hibernation is enabled and your computer is hibernating, it uses some disk space on your hard drive. If you're not hibernating your computer and need the disk space, see: How to disable hibernation mode in Windows.