How to crack the WEP code or password for Wi-Fi

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope
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Because of potential abuse, Computer Hope does not assist users in bypassing security measures. If this is your wireless router, and you forgot the WEP code, WPA code, or password, open your router setup and enter the wireless security section. In the wireless security section, you will see the WEP or another security password that can be used to access your wireless network.

If you forgot the router setup password, you need to reset your router and re-run the setup so that your password and WEP can be reconfigured with a password that you will remember.

How to can I crack my neighbors Wi-Fi password

We do not assist anyone with breaking any Wi-Fi security for any device, not only is it an invasion of privacy, it is against the law. If you want access to your neighbors router ask them for their code.


If you have Comcast (XFINITY) and your neighbor is also using a Comcast wireless router, you can connect to their router using your Comcast account.

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