How to fix an unresponsive script error

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

JavaScript or JS logoAn unresponsive script warning is a message that appears in a browser when a piece of JavaScript code on a Web page or within a Firefox add-on is taking too long to run. This message may look like the example below.

Warning: Unresponsive script. A script on this page may be busy or may have stopped responding.

You have the choice of "Stop Script" or "Continue" buttons. Click the "Stop Script" button to stop the script from running. Stopping the script can prevent the browser from running out of memory or crashing.

If this problem is only happening on one page and every other page is fine, it's likely a script on that one page that is causing your problem. Unless you're the Webmaster of that page, there is nothing you can do to prevent this error. If this error is happening on different websites, it may be an issue with your computer or a browser add-on.

To identify the script/add-on that is causing the problem, you can try one of the following procedures.

Note: Identifying a script or add-on issue often requires more technical expertise about scripts and add-ons. There is usually no "easy" fix to resolve this type of error.

Open the Browser Console

For a script within the Web page, you can open the Firefox Browser Console, which may show what is causing the error. To open the error console, Press Alt to view the File Menu then select Tools, Web Developer, Browser Console or press Ctrl+Shift+J.

In the Browser Console, look for references to a specific script or add-on that generated the error message. If you find a reference to an add-on that generated the error, you can disable the add-on to see if that resolves the error.

Note: Each case of a script or add-on error can differ in terms of what is displayed in the Browser Console, so there's not one specific thing we can recommend trying to find.

Disable add-ons or run the browser in Safe Mode

To see what add-on may be causing a problem, you can disable an individual add-on and see if the error persists. If so, then you can enable that add-on again and try disabling another.

Another option is to open Firefox in Safe Mode, which disables all add-ons. If you have no problems in Safe Mode, you can safely assume it's one of your add-ons causing the error.

Debug error in script

If you're the Webmaster or developer of the script causing this browser error and are trying to resolve this error, look for any of the below possible causes to this error.

  • Error in a script that prevents the script or related script from successfully executing.
  • Any loops in the script that don't exist.
  • Any script or script data loading from a source that is not available.
  • Check for any conflict between your script and browser add-ons.

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