Updated: 08/31/2020 by Computer Hope

Add-on may refer to the following:

add on

1. A software add-on or extension is any third-party program or script that is added to a program to give it additional features and abilities.

For example, Adobe Flash, which allowed users to watch videos or play games within an Internet browser, is an excellent example of a software add-on.

Add-ons are often created by people or organizations not affiliated with the original developer and installed using a program option or through a third-party website.


Browsers like Google Chrome refer to an add-on as an extension.


A add-in ("in" not "on") refers to additional software that gives a program additional functionality. An add-in may also describe a driver.

2. With hardware, an add-on is any component that enhances the capabilities or performance of your computer. For example, additional RAM (random-access memory), a new CPU (central processing unit), or a faster video card could all be considered add-ons.

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