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Auto may refer to any of the following:

Automatic on tablet screen

1. Auto is short for automatic, a term describing anything that happens without user interaction. For example, if you have automatic updates enabled, the computer or program is updated without asking for confirmation if it's ok to update.

Auto terms

Below lists terms relating to computers and technology that use "auto" in them.

2. The term auto is also an abbreviation of automobile. It refers to cars, trucks, or other automotive vehicles. The term "auto" may also be used in product names to describe a product designed to be used in an automobile. For example, Android Auto is a version of the Android operating system designed for cars.

3. Auto may also be an abbreviation of autonomous. It describes any self-driving mechanical object that moves itself, and a person or objects, from one location to another. For example, Amazon uses auto robots to move products around its warehouses.

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