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CLI may refer to any of the following:

command-line interface

1. Short for command-line interface, CLI is an interface found on network devices, such as network routers. The interface allows the management and control of that network device.

2. CLI is also an operating system interface; see the command line definition for further information.

3. CLI is also an acronym for command-line interpreter, a program used to process commands entered via a command prompt. See our command-line interpreter definition for further information about this term.

4. Short for caller line identification, CLI is a service used to identify a telephone caller and the number they dialed. Like ANI (Automatic Number Identification).

5. CLI is also short for Common Language Infrastructure, a standardized runtime environment developed by Microsoft as part of its .NET framework. CLI facilitates programs written in various programming languages across multiple platforms. It accomplishes this task by defining a common set of rules and specifications that compilers and other runtime environments follow.


Ecma defines the CLI specification in ECMA-335.

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