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Cut may refer to any of the following:

1. The process of removing an item and placing it in a temporary location called the clipboard. Once placed in the clipboard, the user can paste that item elsewhere. Only programs that allow text to be removed can be cut, other programs only allow the user to copy. For example, you cannot cut text from a web page, but can cut text from a word processor document or text file.

Cut copy and undo

The picture is a simple metaphor for the cut, paste, and undo functions. Like a pair of scissors, you can cut text, images, files, and other objects and if you wanted to paste what you've cut you could use tape (the paste function).

What is the keyboard shortcut key for cut?

Below is a listing of keyboard shortcuts for how you can cut on different operating systems. Keep in mind that whatever is being cut must be highlighted or selected first.

  • PC desktop and laptop = Ctrl+X
  • Apple desktop and laptop = ⌘+X
  • Google Chromebook = Ctrl+X

On many devices you can also right-click on the highlighted text and select Cut from the right-click menu.

When something is cut, where does it go?

When something is cut, it goes to the clipboard and remains there until something else is copied or cut on the computer. By storing anything cut in the clipboard, you can paste it multiple times.

How is cutting different than copying?

When you cut something, you are removing what is selected so it can be moved to another place. When you copy something, you leave what you are copying in the same place and make a copy of it in another place. In other words, copying creates a duplicate and cutting does not.

2. A Linux command. See the cut command page for additional information about this command.

3. CUT is also short for Coordinated Universal Time.

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