Facebook Portal

Updated: 11/18/2022 by Computer Hope
Facebook Portal

Initially released in 2018, Facebook Portal is a family of smart home devices sold by Facebook. Portal devices connect to a user's Facebook account, employing Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp services to make video calls with other users. Portal video calls also include AR (augmented reality) filters similar to the ones found on Facebook and Instagram stories. Also, Portal comes with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, mirroring the functionalities of the Amazon Echo series of devices.

Facebook Portal devices

  • Portal - The standard-sized Portal with a 10-inch display, video camera, and speaker.
  • Portal Mini - A smaller, 8-inch version of the original Portal sold at a lower price point.
  • Portal+ - A larger version of the Portal with a 15.6-inch display, and additional subwoofers sold at a higher price point.
  • Portal TV - A video camera and input device that connects to an external display to use Portal functionalities on any HDMI television.

In June 2022, Meta (Facebook) announced that it would be discontinuing its consumer versions of the Facebook Portal and focus only on the business versions.

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