I-beam pointer

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

I-beam and I-cursor picture and exampleAn I-cursor, also referred to as an I-beam pointer, is a mouse cursor, indicating that the mouse is over an area where text can be typed. Its shape resembles the capital letter "I". When your mouse cursor is an I-beam, you can click to place your text cursor there. Text can then be highlighted, inserted, or changed in that area. In the picture is an example of how the I-cursor may appear.

Example of an I-beam pointer

Hover cursor changeThe animation displayed is an example of a mouse cursor moving around the screen. The mouse cursor first appears as a pointed arrow, then changes to an I-beam cursor when the pointer is over an editable text area. Then, when the mouse pointer hovers over a clickable link, the pointer looks like a hand.

How to use the I-beam pointer

To select a word with the I-beam, double-click in the middle of any word and to select an entire line of text or paragraph click the button quickly three times. To select a portion of text, click at the beginning or end of the text and while holding down the mouse button drag left, right, up, or down.

Practice using the I-beam pointer

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