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Example inventory of fruit

inventory may refer to any of the following:

1. In business, an inventory or stock describes purchased goods held by a business to be sold or used.

2. With computer gaming, an inventory is where items you obtain in a game are stored. In many computer games, an inventory is opened by pressing the "i" key on your keyboard. Once in the inventory, items can be clicked or dragged to your character to be equipped or dragged elsewhere to be dropped. The inventory screen can also often be organized and show additional details such as the weight of all items being carried for games with inventory weight limits.

3. When used as a verb, taking an inventory describes making a list and counting any available items. For example, a spreadsheet can keep an inventory of how many goods you have for sale and their quantities. A business can know when more goods need to be ordered by keeping an inventory.


Companies with a large inventory may use an ERP (enterprise resource planning) to help manage and control their inventory.

4. When describing Internet advertising, inventory is how many available page views a company can offer to an advertiser that's not part of their booked space.

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