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A character may refer to any of the following:

Letter A representing a character.

1. Sometimes abbreviated as char, a character is a single visual object used to represent text, numbers, or symbols.

For example, the letter "A" is a single character. With a computer, one character is equal to one byte, which is 8 bits. A computer can understand a character with ASCII, which defines each character as a number that is translated to binary. For example, the letter "A" is "65" in ASCII and "01000001" in binary.


An invalid character error may be encountered when a character is used that is not supported by the program or operating system. For example, you may get this error when trying to use a non-alphanumeric character or a character with an accent.


See the char definition for a full definition on the char programming term.

How to write a character on a computer

The most common method for a user to write a character on a computer is with the keyboard. Smaller devices like a smartphone that don't use a physical keyboard may use a virtual keyboard. It's also possible to input a character using voice recognition.

Character in World of Warcraft

2. A character is a term used to describe a sprite or 3-D model that takes on the role of a fictitious player in a computer game.

For example, while playing a game, you are considered a PC (player character) in that game. If you encounter a character that is not controlled by another human, it is referred to as an NPC (non-player character). The picture is an example of a character in the World of Warcraft game.

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