Updated: 09/12/2023 by Computer Hope

A job may refer to any of the following:

Computer job

1. In general, a job is work or a task that's been assigned, is currently being worked on, or was completed. Today, a job is a paid position often completed by a human. However, as computers and robots become more sophisticated, computers are doing more jobs.

Examples of human computer-related jobs include administrator, engineer, programmer, and technical support.

2. With Linux, jobs is a command that lets you show running jobs. See our jobs command page for further information and examples on this command.


Use the kill command to end a Linux job.

3. With JCL (job control language) or an IBM mainframe operating system, a job refers to many tasks, such as executing a program, copying data, etc.

4. When describing a person, Jobs is short for Steve Jobs.

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