Updated: 01/18/2023 by Computer Hope

Support may refer to any of the following:

Technical support

1. Alternatively called technical support and user support, support describes a group of individuals or help documents used to assist users with a product or group of products. Support is commonly required when an end user experiences a problem or wants additional information on a product.


If you're interested in a tech support job we recommend completing the CompTIA A+ certification. If you're looking to hire anyone who will be handling your companies technical support, make sure they've completed the A+ certification.

When making a phone call or sending an e-mail, you're making a support request. These requests are handled by one or more technicians who often track the request using a ticket or unique id. For example, when sending Computer Hope a question, it's assigned a CHID number (e.g., CHID: 123456). That unique number can track the progress of the answer to the question and reference the history of the question.

2. Support refers to a hardware or software capability when used as a verb. For example, a program may have the capacity (support) to accept and send e-mail messages. If a device lacks support, it cannot perform a function. For example, Apple computers have no support for a touch screen.


To help determine if a computer can support hardware or software, refer to the system requirements.

3. With computer gaming, support is a type of class that's responsible for healing. For example, in the game Overwatch, the Mercy character is an example of a support hero.

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