Updated: 08/02/2020 by Computer Hope

Support may refer to any of the following:

Technical support

1. Alternatively referred to as technical support and user support, support describes a group of individuals or help documents used to assist users with a product or group of products. Commonly, support is required when an end user experiences a problem or would like additional information on a product.

When making a phone call or sending an e-mail, you're making a support request. These requests are handled by one or more technicians who often track the request using a ticket or unique id. For example, when sending Computer Hope a question, it's assigned a CHID number (e.g., CHID: 123456). That unique number can track the progress of the answer to the question and reference the history of the question.

2. Support may also refer to hardware or software capability. For example, a program may have the capacity (support) to accept and send e-mail messages. To help determine if a computer can support hardware or software refer to the system requirements.

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