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MIMO or Mimo may refer to the following:

Netgear Nighthawk MIMO Wi-fi router

1. An acronym for multiple-input and multiple-output, MIMO is wireless communication technology that incorporates two or more antennas in a single device. In a MIMO device, one or more input antennas (receivers) and output antennas (transmitters) operate simultaneously on a single channel. Using multiplexing, multipath propagation, and multiple degrees of spatial diversity, MIMO can increase the bandwidth and reduce the latency of network connections.

2. Stylized as m1m0, Mimo is a web application and a mobile app that teaches users to code in multiple programming languages, including Java, HTML (hypertext markup language), Python, C++, Kotlin, and others. Basic courses are available for free, but for more advanced lessons, a monthly fee is required.

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