Updated: 02/07/2022 by Computer Hope
File formats

Short for object, OBJ is a universal file format that stores 3-D models and their related information, such as location in 3-D space, textures, and materials. The OBJ file format was developed by Wavefront Technologies and can be opened in most widely-used 3-D modeling and animation software.

The coordinates that define objects in OBJ files are unique because they do not have units. However, the files often contain information about the object's scale in a comment line so that humans can get an idea of their size and shape.

What programs can I use to open OBJ files?

On computers running Windows 10 or 11, the built-in 3D Viewer application can open and view any OBJ file without installing third-party software. You can use the mouse to orbit around the model in 3-D space, and preview the render in different lighting conditions.

Other programs that supports OBJ files include:

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