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POP may refer to any of the following:

Post Office Protocol

1. Short for post office protocol, POP or POP mail is one of the most commonly used protocols used to receive e-mail on many e-mail clients. There are different versions of POP: POP2 and POP3. POP2 was an early standard of POP that was only capable of receiving e-mail and required SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) to send e-mail. POP3 is the latest standard and can send and receive e-mail only using POP, but can also be used to receive e-mail and then use SMTP to send e-mail.


If you are looking for your POP address or POP server, this information is only obtainable from your ISP (Internet service provider) or e-mail provider.

2. Short for point of presence, POP is a physical location within a telecommunications provider that an ISP uses to house its network servers, routers, etc. A POP allows them to connect to the Internet and share that connection with their clients.

3. In programming, the pop function removes an element from the end of an array, or from the "top" of a stack.

For example, in the Perl code below pop removes "three" from the end of the array to make it "one two".

my @example = ('one', 'two', 'three');
my $lastexample = pop @example;
print "$lastexample\n"; #Prints: three
print "@example";       #Prints: one two

In many programming languages, to add items to the end of an array, use the push function or method.

4. The term pop is used as an alternative way of saying respawn in a game.

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