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Apple PowerBook G4

First introduced in 1991, the Macintosh PowerBook, whose name was later shortened to PowerBook, is a line of laptop computers that was designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. In 1999, the PowerBook lineup was supplemented by a less expensive, entry-level series of laptops known as the iBook.

The PowerBook series when through many revisions over its life and was lauded as an innovative family of computers, giving way to standard features that other brands would duplicate. These innovations earned the series many awards over the years. In 2006, the PowerBook series was replaced by the MacBook.

PowerBook versions

  • PowerBook 100 series
  • PowerBook Duo
  • PowerBook 500 series
  • PowerBook 5300 series
  • PowerBook 1400, 2400, and 3400
  • PowerBook G3
  • PowerBook G4

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