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Apple MacBook

The MacBook is a line of Macintosh laptop computers designed by Apple. The MacBook line consists of the original MacBook (2006-present), the MacBook Pro (2006-present), and the MacBook Air (2008-present). The MacBook lineup came from the merging of the PowerBook and iBook lines as Apple transitioned over to using Intel instead of PowerPC processors. Click a link below for more information on each type of MacBook.


The original MacBook's production was ceased from late 2011 up through 2014, but was relaunched at the beginning of 2015. Going by names like "New MacBook" and "MacBook Retina," the 2015 version included many significant changes. Two innovations included the Force Touch trackpad and a butterfly mechanism for the keyboard's switches.

MacBook Pro

Alternatively called the MBP, the MacBook Pro is a slightly thicker and optionally larger laptop than the MacBook. With more robust internals, it is geared toward users who need their laptop to perform more intensive tasks like video editing. In 2011, the MacBook Pro was the first of Apple's computers to utilize their proprietary Thunderbolt port.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air was introduced as an inexpensive, lightweight alternative to the MacBook. Consequently, the MacBook Air is the only model not available with a Retina Display. When it was first released in January 2008, the MacBook Air was the thinnest and lightest of the MacBook lineup.

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