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Updated: 06/27/2017 by Computer Hope

Secure networkA secure network is any home, business, school, or another network that has security measures in place that help protect it from outside attackers. Of course, there is no such thing as an entirely secure network. Once a computer or other device on the same network connects to the Internet, it immediately becomes vulnerable to attacks. However, taking the proper steps can help keep a network secure.

What help's make a network secure


After a security vulnerability is discovered for any device, updates are released to fix those vulnerabilities. Consequently, if your computer or device is not updated, it may be susceptible to said vulnerabilities, especially if they are released to the public. Thankfully, most computers and network connected devices update automatically. However, it is still a good idea to manually check all devices from time to time to ensure that automatic updates are enabled and that your device is running the latest version.

Educated family members, staff, workers

You can have the most secure network that has ever existed, but if people who use that network are not familiar with security threats, all of your security is pointless. In fact, most hackers who have gained access to a network were able to access the network because of social engineering, phishing, or because an unknowingly or knowingly granted them access.

Antivirus and malware protection

A network is typically breached from a user's computer on the network getting infected with malware or a virus that creates holes in the network or allows remote access. Keeping each of the computers guarded with an antivirus and malware protection can help prevent these types of attacks.

Network security devices

In an enterprise, school, and government environment, adding additional security to a network becomes even more important due to the increased likelihood of attack. Good examples of network devices and services that can be employed to help improve security include a firewall, IDS, UTM, and a VPN.

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