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Snapchat is a photo messaging service and mobile app that allows users to exchange photos and videos automatically deleted shortly after viewing. The messages are deleted both from the Snapchat servers and the receiving device. The user sending the message can configure a message deletion delay of one to ten seconds or allow users to keep the image for indefinitely.

The service launched in June 2011 under its original title Picaboo. Snap was started and developed as a class project of a few students at Stanford University, and as of 2020, Snapchat has over 229 million daily active users.

Snapchat terms

  • Snap - The default type of message on Snapchat. A portrait-oriented, disappearing photo. Snaps display a red icon for pictures or a purple icon for videos.
  • Chat - The text-based messages used on Snapchat. Chat messages display a blue icon on the chat screen, and by default, they disappear after they are opened and viewed.
  • Snapchat Filter - A "Snapchat filter" is an AR lens that adds or modifies facial features on the subject. They essentially transform the user's appearance in different ways, like adding large eyelashes or making them look like a dog. Snapchat has an extensive library of developer and user-created AR (augmented reality) lenses available in the app.
  • Bitmoji - A customizable avatar that represents each user on Snapchat. Instead of a profile picture, every user's Bitmoji character is displayed. A large variety of graphics featuring your Bitmoji can also be sent through chats on the app.
  • Story - A "snap" photo or video visible to all friends for a customizable time.
  • Streak - An app feature that tracks how many consecutive days two users send snaps to one another. Streaks are indicated by a fire emoji that appears next to each friend's name and Bitmoji.
  • Snap Score - A points system that awards users points based on how much they interact with other users.
  • Snap Map - An interactive map that shows the location of all participating users. Their Bitmoji character will be displayed in the last location they opened the Snapchat app. Users can choose whether to be displayed on the map and block specific friends from viewing their location.

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