Updated: 11/06/2021 by Computer Hope
Clock and video game controller.

Popular among Twitch streamers, speedrunning is the practice of completing a video game in the shortest time possible.

Many gamers are interested in besting other players in multiplayer games or becoming immersed in a story. Speedrunners, on the other hand, try to find the most efficient way to get through the game by memorizing the fastest routes, taking shortcuts, or finding glitches in the game's source code.

Although speedrunning usually occurs in single-player games, it can be very competitive, with records being broken every day. Speedrunning has become a popular e-sport, with top scores being featured in the Guinness World Records.

What counts as a speedrun?

Speedrunners have several categories for classifying speedruns. Because games can include many optional objectives, bonus levels, and extra content, players keep these in mind when setting their speedrun goals. Completing every possible objective is known as a 100% speedrun, while only reaching the end of the story is called an Any% speedrun. For more information about speedruns for a particular game, look for a dedicated online community on a website like Reddit.

What games do people speedrun?

Although the online speedrunning community may seem relatively new, players have tried speedrunning video games since before the Internet. Players can speedrun any game with a single-player mode. Below are popular games and franchises in the speedrunning community.

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