Updated: 05/03/2022 by Computer Hope

SS may refer to any of the following:

1. In Linux, the ss command is a tool that dumps network socket statistics and output similar to the Linux netstat command.

2. When used with USB, SS is an abbreviation for SuperSpeed (USB 3.0). See our USB page for further information.

3. With computer speaker connections, the SS or SS-Out is a connection used for side speakers used with 7.1 audio. With color-coded ports, this port is gray.


The "SS" abbreviation may also be used for "surround sound."

4. SS is an abbreviation sometimes used to describe a screensaver or screenshot.

5. With computer memory segmentation, SS is short for StackSegment. See our segment page for further information.

6. Short for South Sudan, .ss is a top-level domain. See our Internet domain suffixes for a full list of TLDs.

7. SS is short for "solid-state" and describes a solid-state device, such as a solid-state drive.

8. SS is short for "submission statement" and is an abbreviation used in online communities like some Reddit boards that require any submitted stories to include an overview. These submission statements help give the reader an overview of what was posted without actually visiting the page that may have a clickbait title or description.

9. When used with a hashtag, #SS is a hashtag short for "selfie Sunday." The hashtag is used on social networks when people share selfies they've taken on Sunday.

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