James Burke

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James BurkeName: James Burke

Born: December 22, 1936, in Derry, Northern Ireland

Computer-related contributions

  • British broadcaster, author, futurist, science historian and television producer.
  • Known for his documentary television series Connections (1978) and his The Day the Universe Changed (1985).
  • Researcher in the history of science and technology.
  • Main presenter of the BBC's coverage of the first moon landing (1969).
  • Former reporter on the BBC science series Tomorrow's World.
  • Took part in the creation of an English–Italian dictionary, and the publication of an art encyclopedia.
  • Leading figure of the Knowledge Web Project.

Significant publications

  • American Connections: The Founding Fathers (2007).
  • Twin Tracks (2003).
  • The Knowledge Web (2001).
  • Circles — Fifty Round Trips Through History Technology Science Culture (2000).
  • The Pinball Effect — How Renaissance Water Gardens Made the Carburettor Possible and Other Journeys Through Knowledge (1996).
  • The Day the Universe Changed (1985).
  • Tomorrow's World I (1970).

Honors and awards

  • Made an honorary fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (1998).
  • Referred to as "one of the most intriguing minds in the Western world" by Washington Post.